Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday ;)

Okay, I'm not going to bore you all with my words... just feast your eyes on what I am loving this week! Don't care what I love? Find another blog to read ;)

I love these old books... I kind of want them for decorative purposes though, and not for reading :)

Loving Harry Potter so much that I ripped the book in half!

This fancy color is currently on my toes

My birthday is this weekend and I really want to sip on mojitos all weekend!

I love LC's style and I am dreaming of fall and this look takes me there.

 Again, love LC. Want to steal her bag. 

Gray and yellow, gray and blue... you name it, I'm a sucker for gray. Does that mean I'm boring?

Getting my hair did on Thursday and I'm thinking about this length. I alway pick pictures of JA, I secretly just want a face transplant.. and body transplant. 

I am depressed because I'll never have this bathroom. Pinterest is amazing but also makes me sad. 

What are YOU loving today? 

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  1. Dearest Leigh,

    Here are a few loves of the week from Louisville to you & followers. Let me know what you think my cheri!

    1.) I just saw the flick "Midnight in Paris" today, solo I might add. It's a romantic comedy/fantasy film by Woody Allen. The main character has magical experiences in Paris beginning each night at 12 AM. He travels back to the 20's...charming/sexy! Don't drag your man to this but grab a lady friend. It will make you want to look up flights to Paris. If your like me and can't afford the trip do the next best thing and walk to your local wine market. Pick up a baguette, cheese, champagne or red. For an hour or so you will feel extra fancy. Je vois une aventure à Paris dans mon future!

    Side note: Still feel the need for some fancy times in your life via Net Flex? Check out "An American in Paris". Musical, yes. Romance, yes. Gene Kelly...must I type more?

    2.) Looking for a new Louisville bar/restaurant? I found the place for you my modern art, vinyl record, inked up, Urban Outfitters lovin' HIPSTER...take a look at the website site below. Its a little pricey, but worth the experience. I would say perfect for a night out with your posse after the downtown trolley hop or a night to woo your lover-it has a sexy atmosphere.

    3.) I am always in the mood to spice up my apartment this being said my new favorite trend I am seeing more and more are wide stripes on walls. Scroll down to Fabulous Find: Strips, this photographer has found my dream striped rooms. I need a "lady parlor" stat for this project!