Friday, August 5, 2011

Ohhh The Places I'll Go.. Hopefully.

Once people hear about my fabulous lifestyle, I get a common response... "OMG, you've probably been to all 50 states by now!" [I'm pretty sure one of my dear friends, who shall remain nameless, wondered if I'd been to all 52... It was Steger]

I hate to say it but I have not been to anywhere CLOSE to all 50 states. But that is definitely on the top of bucket list!

[I wish my map looked like this. On second thought, I don't have a map. Maybe I should start there]

My job has provided me with an outlet to travel the country on their dime - SWEET! So I need to make sure I'm taking note of where I've traveled to, because to be honest, I feel like I'm already forgetting some places I've been. RECAP - I've been to the ones in bold, desperately trying to get to the others :)

Alabama - Family is from there so yeahh, I've been to Bama
Arizona  - Does a connecting flight with a long delay count? :)
California - Went for the first time last Christmas with sweet Gregg and his fam!
Colorado - Went as a tyke when my family went skiing
Florida - This is where most of my spring breaks went down, also, Gregg lives there now!
Georgia - ATL to visit Shan and Athens for work! What a long but fun two months that was!
Hawaii - Visited my aunt with my family - TWICE!
Illinois - Went to Champaign, IL for work. Also, Chicago with my ladies for NYE '10!
Indiana - Been to Evansville a few times. Have you ever been there? Their downtown area is like a ghost town. Freaky. 
Kentucky - DUH, went to school there :)
Louisiana - Just got back from New Orleans with my sweet bf! It's our looove city :)
Maine - Went to Portland, ME for work. It was in February... I'd like to go back when it's above 10 degrees. 
Massachusetts - Boston! I went there for one of my spring breaks in High School. When my family got back we realized that my friends had a party in our backyard/hot tub.
Minnesota - Minneapolis & Mankato. I'd be okay to never go back to this state.
Mississippi - Passed through on the way to Gregg's from Nola... this counts :) 
Nevada - VEGAS!
New Hampshire 
New Jersey - Went to the Giants Stadium with my cousin for the Live Earth concert.
New Mexico - haven't been there but might visit Clovis at some point in my life. Land of Enchantment MY ASS.
New York - Concret Jungle where dreams are maaade of! Also, where you'll find a homeless man pooping in a cardboard box.  
North Carolina - Born here. And sitting here in NC right now.  
North Dakota
 Ohio - Haaang on sloooppyy, slooopppy hang on! 
Oregon - I am going to Portland next month. PUMPED!
Rhode Island
South Carolina - Lived in Charleston for a summer. Never left our pricey pad but we definitely "lived" there.  
South Dakota
Tennessee - Nope, never been.
Texas - Austing, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, ohhh and Wichita Falls :)
Utah - Their beer has less alcohol because of the elevation. Bullshit.  
Virginia - Harrisonburg... aka sucktown
Washington - Driving to Seattle when I'm in Portland!
West Virginia  

If you didn't read all of that or count all of the ones in bold, well, you're lazy. But no worries, I'll tell you. I've been to 25 states!!!

I'm pretty excited about this and now... IT. IS. ON. It is officially my mission to get to all 50 states. And not just connections like in Arizona. Adventures in every state. My next big adventure:

Ahhh can't wait to be in Portland in the fall! All pictures found on the amazing Pinterest!

Stay tuned!

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