Thursday, September 30, 2010

Negotiating Travel... The Travel Broad Way.

While traveling, I've learned a few things. Probably one of the easiest and best lessons I've learned is that almost everything is negotiable. It might seem unfair to take advantage of our economy's current state, but it's the smartest way to travel on a budget.

Hotels: To book the perfect hotel in your location, I do tons of research. I can’t even give you a specific site because I look at EVERYTHING.

  • Look at ALL reviews of hotels you’re thinking about staying in. Also, don’t forget to leave a review once you’ve stayed somewhere. Not just bad reviews either, we need mediocre AND amazing reviews as well.
  • After I’ve read lots of reviews, I’ll go to a site like and look up hotels that have passed the “Leigh Test” (basically just means they look pretty, clean and a great location - in that order). What I’ll also do is go to the left side and click on all the amenities I need in a hotel (gym, free breakfast, pool, etc). If only we could pick out men this way.
  • Find "the one" and then call the hotel and talk to them on the phone. You can almost always get them to give you a lower rate and possibly an upgrade! The hospitality industry is hurting, people aren't traveling as much as they used to and they'd rather have you staying here for a cheaper rate than staying at their competitor. If they don't bite, make sure you mention their competitor. That always seems to work for me. :)

Rental Cars: Find a rental car company that you love and stay with it. Sign up for their "VIP" program at the beginning and you're like royalty. You get the best cars and hassle free service. Never pay the online price. Call them and talk them down. If they won't budge, fine, call the next rental car company. Your persistence will pay off, promise!

Flights: While I haven't negotiated the actual cost of flights (yet) I have managed to change my seat around! When I've booked online, the only seats that were left were inside seats. Talk to the person at the counter at the airport and see if they can change you to a coveted window seat. It's worked for me every time so give it a shot!

That's all I've got today, party people. Hope this helps you on your adventures. :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dancing in the rain...

Ok, well I'm not dancing in the rain, I'm just hanging out inside, but it feels like I'm dancing because I'm making the best of it. It's been rainy for the past two days in Toledo so I haven't been able to explore Holy Toledo. Although, I have to say, I'm really enjoying this lifestyle. I'm enjoying a glass of Rite Aid's finest Cabernet Sauvignon and I'm catching up on my shows.

Also, I got a new book called 'Hector and the Search for Happiness' and I plan on starting it after GLEE! It's about a psychiatrist who is not very satisfied with himself... He decides to take a trip around the world, and everywhere he went he would try to understand what made people happy or unhappy.

I'm going to start reading this tonight and I'll let you know if it's on my list of must reads!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ohhh Sweet Toledo

Toledo is.... I don't have a word for what Toledo is just yet. I'm leaving TOMORROW to see G$ in the Falls of Wichita. He's graduating from pilot training and I'm meeting the fam, no big deal.

I'll be back in Toledo for another 2 weeks. The job I'm doing is great but the city is kind of run down. I negotiated a sweeeet suite at my hotel for the same price that I'm paying for a regular room so I'll have more space when I get back - does this entice anyone to visit? There's going to be a sleeper sofa, fridge, microwave and an IPOD DOCK :). Also, I'll be here next weekend so I'm going to check out the town... hopefully I'll find a hidden gem in this town. As of now, I've only found at a cute little lunch place called Barry Bagels. Hell, it could be a chain I've never heard of but it was deeeelicious. If you ever find yourself in Toledo, eat there. I'm looking for boutiques next week.... stay tuned. Although, all I've seen so far is a TJ & a Steinmart.

I hope to have a word for Toledo when I return... when I get back, I'm going to explore this city! Unless I'm too tired from working, and then I'm just going to buy a bottle of wine and relax in the hotel's hot tub.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Downtown Denver!

After a long day preparing for the Fall Fest, my coworker and I ventured out toward downtown Denver. We stayed on 14th St. so we were only two blocks from where all the action was, 16th St. The first place we went downtown was Rialto Cafe. Everywhere downtown has outdoor seating, which is all I need. The food doesn't even have to be great as long as I can sit outside and drink on a patio, I'm a happy broad.

Here are some random pictures of Denver! I'm not the best photographer but take a look...

The last night we were there we went to a place called The Corner Office and it was AMAZING! It's attached to the Curtis Hotel off 14th Street. I got tomato soup and a grilled cheese and it was soooo good! I have picture proof. People keep looking at me funny when I take pictures of my food but I don't care. This dinner was that good.

My next trip is to Toledo, OH and I'll be there for 3 weeks. I'm trying to convince my friends that live in Cincy to come visit me but we'll see. ANGIE AND CHRISTA... I'm going to be so lonely! Please come see me :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

UCD Fall Fest 2010

Here's just a taste of what the Fall Fest was like. I wish I would have taken a video clip of the hippie woman dancing to the band. It was hilarious; I'm pretty sure she was high.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to Denver!

Denver is fantastic. We've been on campus all week, helping to support/market one of our student housing facilities. It's really easy to talk to people about a property that is so awesome. It's in the heart of downtown and everything is included in your rent - sign me up. The other student housing complexes are about 20 minutes from campus and ours is a 5 minute walk. It's been great talking to the students and connecting with them to determine what they really want.

This is right in front of the student union. Everyone rides their bikes, also, everyone lives with their families and commute to school. Some people commute TWO HOURS one way. Get real. Below is a picture of the Tivoli sign. This where allllll the cool kids hang out between classes (because they can't go home and sleep like I did, because it's two hours away).

Here's a picture of our tent. It's looks kind of lame because there are no people around but trust me, we had the best tent there. We had swag bags, t-shirts, frozen lemonade, fresh popcorn, etc. Our tent was the place to be.

I'll have more pictures of actual downtown Denver because you KNOW I went exploring. The first night I went to this place called Rialto Cafe and it was amazing. Basically all downtown restaurants have patio seating which I love. Reminds me of drinking beer on patios with my friends so I get excited/sad when I see them. Also, tonight we went to a restaurant called The Office. I loved it, obvi. More to come so stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Life

Quick recap... Went on a TOP 3 Vacation with some of the most amazing broads I've ever met. 9 girls, no drama (shockingly)... just the best time of our lives. I can't even begin to explain our four day fiasco. All I know is that I hope we continue this tradition forever. AOT.
In the past 12 days, I've been in Vegas, Austin, Wichita Falls, Dallas (ok, just in the airport) and finally back in Nashville. I've been training for my new job so I haven't done the best job posting. I apologize to my 13 followers, I know you wait patiently for my blogs so I promise, I'll try harder to update you on my travels.

I'm off to Denver in the morning for the University of Colorado Denver's Fall Fest. I'll be there until Friday afternoon so I hope to have some fun pictures and interesting stories of my trip. Stay tuned!