Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Life

Quick recap... Went on a TOP 3 Vacation with some of the most amazing broads I've ever met. 9 girls, no drama (shockingly)... just the best time of our lives. I can't even begin to explain our four day fiasco. All I know is that I hope we continue this tradition forever. AOT.
In the past 12 days, I've been in Vegas, Austin, Wichita Falls, Dallas (ok, just in the airport) and finally back in Nashville. I've been training for my new job so I haven't done the best job posting. I apologize to my 13 followers, I know you wait patiently for my blogs so I promise, I'll try harder to update you on my travels.

I'm off to Denver in the morning for the University of Colorado Denver's Fall Fest. I'll be there until Friday afternoon so I hope to have some fun pictures and interesting stories of my trip. Stay tuned!

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