Saturday, September 18, 2010

Downtown Denver!

After a long day preparing for the Fall Fest, my coworker and I ventured out toward downtown Denver. We stayed on 14th St. so we were only two blocks from where all the action was, 16th St. The first place we went downtown was Rialto Cafe. Everywhere downtown has outdoor seating, which is all I need. The food doesn't even have to be great as long as I can sit outside and drink on a patio, I'm a happy broad.

Here are some random pictures of Denver! I'm not the best photographer but take a look...

The last night we were there we went to a place called The Corner Office and it was AMAZING! It's attached to the Curtis Hotel off 14th Street. I got tomato soup and a grilled cheese and it was soooo good! I have picture proof. People keep looking at me funny when I take pictures of my food but I don't care. This dinner was that good.

My next trip is to Toledo, OH and I'll be there for 3 weeks. I'm trying to convince my friends that live in Cincy to come visit me but we'll see. ANGIE AND CHRISTA... I'm going to be so lonely! Please come see me :)

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