Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ohhh Sweet Toledo

Toledo is.... I don't have a word for what Toledo is just yet. I'm leaving TOMORROW to see G$ in the Falls of Wichita. He's graduating from pilot training and I'm meeting the fam, no big deal.

I'll be back in Toledo for another 2 weeks. The job I'm doing is great but the city is kind of run down. I negotiated a sweeeet suite at my hotel for the same price that I'm paying for a regular room so I'll have more space when I get back - does this entice anyone to visit? There's going to be a sleeper sofa, fridge, microwave and an IPOD DOCK :). Also, I'll be here next weekend so I'm going to check out the town... hopefully I'll find a hidden gem in this town. As of now, I've only found at a cute little lunch place called Barry Bagels. Hell, it could be a chain I've never heard of but it was deeeelicious. If you ever find yourself in Toledo, eat there. I'm looking for boutiques next week.... stay tuned. Although, all I've seen so far is a TJ & a Steinmart.

I hope to have a word for Toledo when I return... when I get back, I'm going to explore this city! Unless I'm too tired from working, and then I'm just going to buy a bottle of wine and relax in the hotel's hot tub.

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