Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to Denver!

Denver is fantastic. We've been on campus all week, helping to support/market one of our student housing facilities. It's really easy to talk to people about a property that is so awesome. It's in the heart of downtown and everything is included in your rent - sign me up. The other student housing complexes are about 20 minutes from campus and ours is a 5 minute walk. It's been great talking to the students and connecting with them to determine what they really want.

This is right in front of the student union. Everyone rides their bikes, also, everyone lives with their families and commute to school. Some people commute TWO HOURS one way. Get real. Below is a picture of the Tivoli sign. This where allllll the cool kids hang out between classes (because they can't go home and sleep like I did, because it's two hours away).

Here's a picture of our tent. It's looks kind of lame because there are no people around but trust me, we had the best tent there. We had swag bags, t-shirts, frozen lemonade, fresh popcorn, etc. Our tent was the place to be.

I'll have more pictures of actual downtown Denver because you KNOW I went exploring. The first night I went to this place called Rialto Cafe and it was amazing. Basically all downtown restaurants have patio seating which I love. Reminds me of drinking beer on patios with my friends so I get excited/sad when I see them. Also, tonight we went to a restaurant called The Office. I loved it, obvi. More to come so stay tuned!

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