Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shopping Emergency!

If you can't keep track of where I am, don't feel bad... I am literally all over the place. If you're reading this, then I'll let you know I'm in Chapel Hill, NC for the next few weeks. Although, Katie Little's wedding is this weekend so I'm leaving Thursday afternoon for Destin, FLORIDA!!! Luckily, that's where the bf lives so I'm getting the best of both worlds at this wedding!

Okay but down to business. I packed all kinds of stuff but couldn't decide what to wear for Katie's actual wedding so I'm banking on finding a dress... TOMORROW!

I will say, I found a very cute boutique online, with the CUTEST little name... let's hope it delivers in person! Fingers crossed :)

Wish me luck and stay tuned for what I find!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Don't knock it 'til you try it

So, I did something this weekend that was a little... outside of my comfort zone. Yep, you guessed it, I went to the movies... BY MYSELF.

If you're thinking, "didn't you feel like such a LOSER going to the movies alone?" well, shame on you for even suggesting that! But yes... I did. When I was buying my ticket I decided it wouldn't be a big deal if I just whispered "I'll take one for Horrible Bosses." No big deal, he'll give me my ticket and I'll move on with my day. But it backfired when he said "I'm sorry, what'd you say?" and everyone around me heard me basically yell "OKAY, JUST ONE".

Verdict on seeing a movie alone: Do it! If you're alone in a city and you want to see a movie as bad as I wanted to see Horrible Bosses, just do it. Nobody is judging you. Nobody was looking at me like "wow, what is such a hottie doing at a movie alone. She must just be really super attractive but have a weird personality." No, nobody's thinking that. Nobody's judging you. Get over yourself, grab a Coke Zero that you could swim in and enjoy a movie uninterrupted by "what happened?" and "who's that?" - I'm talking to you Sally Griffis.

Verdict on Horrible Bosses: AMAZEBALLS of course! How could you lose with both Jasons, Jennifer and that squirrelly Charlie guy. So funny - see it, alone or whatever. Just try not to pee your pants.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Attempting to be healthy while traveling...

I'm trying to workout and eat right with this job, but it has proven difficult. I gained about 5 pounds around the holidays and I can't seem to shake those LBS! More recently, I've just gone to the grocery at the beginning of the week and stocked up on stuff that used to work for me in college. It used to be that tuna, egg whites and a couple jumping jacks would get me back to where I wanted to be in like a week! Well, that's not happening for me. So, I'm trying to switch it up and maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling. First and foremost, I bought a workout DVD. 

Jillian Michaels is seriously NUTS... but I love it. I used to love going to workout classes because they pushed me to the absolute limit and this is exactly what I get from this DVD. I'm not so sure about her little catchphrase at the top there though... I can't imagine I'll lose 5 pounds in a week but that would be SWEET.

Even when I had a job where I didn't jump all over this fabulous country of ours on a weekly basis, I got sick of eating lunch and dinner at my house. Mainly because I'm a lousy cook but.. I digress. I have found some semi healthy options for lunch and dinner so check out one of my great finds this week!

I went to Noodles & Co which is right down the street from my hotel... so, a fitness bonus, I walked there! 

I started with the Cucumber and Tomato salad - perfect for summer!
Calories: 80
Fiber: 2 grams
Carbs: 18 grams

Small Mushroom Stroganoff - Better than Hamburger Helper, that's fa sho.
Calories: 210
Fat: 12 grams

That's a pretty good lunch or dinner out for under 300 calories! [if you don't count my glass of red] I'm obviously no expert but I have been looking for ways to cut down while eating out. Hope this helps you if you're on the road or just in a brown bag rut. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Night with Carrie!

Carrie Nance is one of the best hosts ever. Everytime I visit Louisville, I discover something new about the city that I love. Also, Carrie goes above and beyond to make every weekend visit feel like a true vacation. Observe....

Cocktails with Carrie! I can't for the life of me remember what drink this is but it had lemoncello in it and it rocked.

                                                                   Carrie with a Bellini!

I don't look as cute chuggin' this cocktail..

Carrie took us to Mozz (a Mozzarella bar... which I think is pronounced Motz, but who knows). It was AMAZING!!!

Look who showed up?! Farmer and David joined us for dinner!!

Loved our little dinner date night

After our fruity, summer cocktails, we opted for this amazing Syrah - and it was half priced!!

Carrie is so creative! I could never do this, let alone even come up with the idea! It's an old frame with wire.. or something. Hell, I can't remember.

And this is super impressive. She took a piece of wood, painted it, and screwed in all of these ornate doorknobs to hang her gorgeous necklaces on. FREAKING AWESOME.

Carebear and her cute new man, Hotty Toddy!

Look at what I woke up to....

... fresh berries, granola, and cinnamon rolls!!!

Carrie, you are the absolute best. It is my goal to be as thoughtful and as cute as you. :)

Stay tuned, so much more went down in Louisville... can't wait to show you :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Last Night in Charlotte

So, I'm back tracking a bit but I want to post some pictures of my last night in Charlotte. Burch and I actually made it out to dinner and boy was it worth it! She took me to this place downtown called Dandelion Market and boy was it an experience.

It was our poor server's first day and it SHOWED. She couldn't open our bottle of wine, she took forever and the nervousness was written across her face. Either way, we had a great bottle of wine, yummy tapas and Burch experienced the worst glass of red she's ever had.

Shrimp and Grits - AMAZEBALLS. We also had sauteed mushrooms - also amazeballs.

Fancy bev

I can't remember what the story was but I'm happy I captured this :)

Burch, man do I wish you were in Reno! Loved spending time with you and reconnecting! You are amazing!