Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Niagara Falls!

When I found out I'd be in Buffalo for two weeks, I was sure that I would make my way to see Niagara Falls at some point. Someone suggested that I hop on the Maid of the Mist boat, so I can get a close up view of the falls. It sounded like an okay idea... until someone reminded me that Jim & Pam got married there! That's all it took and I was IN!

I wonder if they hated the hot box ponchos as much as I did? They keep you dry but make you feel like you're trapped in a trash bag.

Oh sweet Jim, I love you.

Ahh a nice picture of this random family.

Breathtaking views! The pictures really don't do it justice. I posted a lot of pictures so check em out!

$12 well spent :) The tour happens every 15 minutes so no need to make big plans, just head over. Also, you don't need your passport because you're only "technically" in Canada.

The view from the other side wasn't as exciting but still beautiful.

View from the boat

Again, view from the boat, before we got drenched!
My coworker, and new friend, Matt!

Had to get a tourist pose! [And so did the kid next to me]

I've heard from many Buffalo residents that there are four things to do in Buffalo: Go to Niagara Falls [check], drink Canadian beer [check], Shop [check - and seriously, amazing outlet malls and regular malls. There are so many malls!], and lastly, eat Buffalo Wings. So, the last thing I need to do is try Buffalo Wings at the famous Anchor Bar! Stay tuned :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall Fashion Makes Sense

Carrie is BACK! She did an amazing job last Wednesday and she has so many cute finds! And, when I thought she couldn't get any cuter, she decides to guest blog about fall fashion and how it relates to all five senses - how darling! See for yourself:

1.) See: I heart Fall colors

I just bought this mustard yellow scarf and it is like nothing I have seen here in Louisville. I found it on Pinterest and checked out the website. [The kicker is it’s all in German, but thanks to babelfish, it was a piece of cake]

2.) Smell: To Market, To Market I go!!

The pictures you see are from my farmers market here in Louisville, KY.

In the Highlands, we have a great community that loves local food, coffee, flowers, music and so much more.

You can witness this just by popping by our market every Saturday morning. Just throw on a sundress and shades [don't worry about your hair or make up] just bring cash and your will start to smell all the yumminess around you. Make sure your nose has it’s ‘A’ game ready, kids.

3. ) Hear: Fleet Foxes & Julie London

Fleet Foxes are a folk band that are coming to Louisville, KY soon. I just started listening to them because of this. I usually don't seek out folk bands but I am trying to listen to new bands and expand my knowledge of music. I knew I liked Old Crow Medicine Show so I thought I would give them a chance. Let me know what you think!

Julie London - Super sultry alto voice – retro, if you will. Perfect for relaxing in the tub or jean jammin’ by the fire place. To me, Fall is the perfect time to slow it down and enjoy some jazzy tunes.

4.) Taste: Your taste buds will thank you!

Alarm clock goes off!! Jump in the shower, get your outfit together, grab your purse and out the door you go. You’re a mover and a shaker!

Question: When is the last night you treated yourself to a PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE?

Better question: When was the last time your surprised your man or dear co-worker with coffee?

A small gesture will one, make you feel better and two, show the people you care about that even though your a busy lady, you took the time to think of them in the morning. Karma will reward you, doll.
5.) Touch: Warm Welcomes
Add a touch of Fall to your door. Here’s an easy to DIY project of creating your own wreath for your apartment or house. Check out my pictures!
I am in the process of making my own wreath right now. My good friend Amanda made the two finished wreaths before her house warming party.

It just took a trip to a fabric store/Lobby Hobby to get the materials and then you wrap the wreath with the fabric you chose.

It’s the perfect time to catch up on your Project Runway and get an idea of what you would like to place on your wreath. Good luck ladies!
Check out the tutorial here

Thanks for guest blogging again, Carrie and thanks for getting me all excited for Fall! I need that scarf asap and I can't wait until Starbucks brings back the PSL :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Final Countdown for Vaca!

Okay, time to get real. Work has been insane for the past few weeks. It's the time of year where we turn the apartments and then the new residents move in. Needless to say, I am so ready for my upcoming vacation and 12 whole days with mah maaan!

I was supposed to leave Buffalo this Friday but I got a call from my absolutely fabulous boss saying I could leave early and have Thursday and Friday off. Is she amazing or WHAT?! Soooo vacation is starting early and I'll see Gregg on Wednesday night instead of Friday night! And then, we're leaving for the best. vacation. everrrr. Check out what we're doing....

Gregg lives in Destin and we're taking off to Tampa for a Rays game and some fun! I am hoping to drink big gulp beers and eat corndogs!

Then, we're off to Orlando for some amusement park FUN! Gregg got me reading Harry Potter and I am hooked. We have a fool proof plan to get me caught up to at least the first three books, so I'll understand what the hell is going on at....


Gregg got me tickets to Blue Man group in Orlando.. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! Can you tell?

After all the road trippin' fun, we're heading to the main event.

A five day cruise!
We're cruising Carnival and we're leaving from Miami and going to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Nassau [providing the Bahamas are still intact after what Irene did]

I found some pictures online but I can't wait to post my own pictures!

A slide?! I'm in!

The theater where we'll see amaaaazing [hopefully] shows

Bird's eye view

Here's a pool right when you get off the boat at Grand Turk. I can't see a swim up bar but I'm hoping they've got one ;)

Beautiful Grand Turk.. I'll see you soon!

Vaca starts in two days!!!! I should have started working out a while ago... oh well, two days to lose 10 pounds. I've got this.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Blue Monk

I went exploring on my first night in Buffalo with my coworker and found a nice little gastropub in downtown [semi ghetto] Buffalo.

Blue Monk is all about the beer. I looked weird wanting a glass of wine so I switched to a brew, and I'm glad I did :)

Duck Frites - basically fries that have been cooked in duck fat. Seriously, amazing.
This picture doesn't do it justice but please know that this was up there on the list of my favorite meals. I got the short rib sandwich and took the tip of the sandwich off and it was so great.

My coworker got the mussels... these pictures suck.

We were there on a Monday night and it was crazy!! For a second, I looked around and thought it might be Friday but no, still Monday. If you ever find yourself in Buffalo, go to Blue Monk. And get that sandwich!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Loving... Guest Bloggers!

Well, I feel like I've hit the big time. I'm having my first guest blogger today! My friend Carrie doesn't have a blog, but she does have impeccable taste! Take a look at what she's loving today:

This Wednesday I'm having a love affair with....

Pure Barre

This all started with a good friend of mine getting knocked up with twins. After her two nuggets popped out she found Pure Barre and BAM! she was back to her pre baby bod! The best thing about the work out for me is it tones my trouble areas [I would say most women's trouble areas] it burns fat in our bums, lifts and tones arms and makes our thighs thinner [hell yeah!] Its only one hour, you can go during your lunch. Think ballet, yoga and pilates mixed together. I just started a few weeks ago, I have not lost any weight yet but I do feel more toned in my legs and arms.

Tips: Wear black pants/capris, socks [make sure they match or others will judge you] and a tank top. Tell PB its your first class they are usually on the house...more deals also..for mamas, students and brides to be.

Wine Walks

Trot around your neighborhood this afternoon with wine in hand [inside a dixie cup of course] I am not in favor of anyone getting a PI so please drink responsibly :) After dinner, go explore your 'hood! It's almost Fall and walking around is always nice when its not scorching outside. I love taking a friend or my beau with me and just checking out the houses around where I live. Good way to get out of the house, have a night cap, burn off my desert and get to know my city a little better.

This picture is of my local wine market, I go here quite a bit. This is an engagement picture of a couple I know through a friend. I loved how they picked a local business for there background for the photo shoot. I am sure they walked around with some wine after.

Ducks Boots

Not just for hunters or extreme weather anymore, ladies! I often have pretty dreadful weather where I live and need to make sure I prepare each Fall/Winter for the worst. I knew I needed a good pair of snow boots...but my heart jumped when I saw images of LL Bean's Duck Boots paired with dresses, tights and leggings.

They will be perfect when I roam over to my bf's house in the snow, sledding in the park, feel like taking a stroll to get ice cream (yes, even in the dead of winter I crave a blizzards) with my lady posse or need to make an emergency trip to the grocery for popcorn and diet coke. They are a little pricey but will last forever!

Invest in some new nail colors, fancy ladies.

Try A List for a night out and about...

and Tea & Crumpets for the work week!
You will only spend a few bucks and have the rest of the season to show off your nail style.

Desserts: Good Girl or Bad Girl? Which will you be today?!

Todd made this for me about a week ago. It was fast, simple to make and cured my sweet tooth without being too bad for me. The recipe below is a little more glamours than what I had it was simply a grilled banana with a little chocolate on top. Not bad at all and HUGE bf points for him!

How to make grilled bananas:

Hello, rebel lady! Welcome to my go to sweet when I need a reward or need to just feel better about the day.

Trust me, don't try to make this amazing dessert. Just find $3 and drive over to Home Made Pie and Ice Cream for a treat that will make any bad day better. The #1 (Best Seller) Dutch Apple with Caramel on top and don't skip out on a side of vanilla ice cream.

Thanks for sharing what you're loving, Carrie! I plan to eat that pie, walk around and drink wine and then burn it off at Pure Barre! Happy Hump Day, party people!