Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome to the Quarter Club!

Welp, it's official kiddos. I'm old.

25 years old. I actually feel pretty good where I'm at in life for being in my mid-twenties. I've got a great job, where I'm traveling the country and experiencing so many amazing things. I've got a great maaan in my life and I have some amazing friends and a sweet family! What more could I ask for?

Thank you so much to everyone who was involved in my birthday extravaganza. It was actually pretty mild compared to years past but it was so much fun!

On Friday, Gregg and I set out to cross off a few things from my Nashville Bucket list. Would you believe that I used to live RIGHT beside the Nashville Sounds stadium and I have never been to a Sounds game?? FYI, here's my Nashville To-Do List:
  • Patterson House
  • Kayne Prime
  • Sounds Game
  • Yazoo Brewery
  • Zanie's Comedy Club
Before we went to the game, we went to another hot spot that was on my list, Yazoo Brewery!

We tried 6 different beers and Gregg got a big gulp of Hefeweizen. Is that how you spell that?

MMMM Gregg the Pegg loves HOPS!!!

Then we went to the Sounds Game!
A GUITAR shaped score board. Could it get any cuter??

Enjoying an adult bev at the game

Gregg is a Nashville fan! Drinking Yazoo and a Sounds hat ;)

Beautiful fireworks after our win over Las Vegas... 11 to 3! SUCK IT LOSERS!

My birthday started with KC making me breakfast and mimosas! Then, the Leo girls left for BG for a wedding and I started experimenting with my latest craving, Strawberry Mint Mojitos

Sweet Dani came over to lay out on my birthday... we ended up ordering pizza, watching movies and napping. I think Gregg, Dani and I actually enjoyed ourselves more than you would expect. We're all old.

We had 14 people at dinner at the wonderful Taco Mamacita! Love that place :)

Here is the sweet man that bought me Patron shots... along with many other shots. 

Mandy Sue! So glad we pow wowed about this shindig at Shan's party!

Some of the ladies!

D. Bruno... love this broad!

Where's Waldo was out... We are DOING THIS next year! Waldo Bar Crawl!

Jello Shots!
Thanks friends for showing up! I felt very loved on my bday weekend :)

The next morning, I pulled myself together for some much needed family time. And in the tradition of broken homes, I went to lunch with my mom and dinner with my dad. 

I had such a great time at both meals and am lucky to have such loving parents! We went to lunch at Jackson's and ended up getting our lunch for free because we had to wait for an hour. My mom bought me a TV for my room and if that wasn't enough, she got me these cute little decorated wine glasses [not exactly like the one below but you get the picture]

Then, I had dinner with my dad at an asian place right by my house called Fulin's. I heard it was overpriced but I loved it! Although, I wasn't exactly buying..... hmm I might need to reevaluate. My dad got me a really cool painting from New Orleans and this bracelet that my Aunt has been designing for years now [along with legend Quincy Jones.. isn't that nuts?!]

Welp, that's a LOT of birthday fun to take in... another year older, not sure if I'm any the wiser. Happy Birthday to all my other Leos and a special Happy Birthday to Ali T-Bone Tracy today!! Love you!

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  1. Your too cute my dear!! It looks like you had a WONDERFUL bday. So happy for you love. (The blue dress, was the right choice for sure!)
    Love you, Carrie