Thursday, August 11, 2011


My little karaoke victory this past weekend really has me thinking. I really want to learn to play an instrument. I tried guitar out, that was a bust. And I know this might come as a shock to some of you, but I feel daintier than a guitar. You can't have cute nails if you play guitar.. and when I was learning to play, I had to push down so hard on the strings that it made my fingers hurt! No, no, no, I'll just try to learn something a little sweeter and nicer. The Piano. The colors are even nicer... classic Black and White :)

But how am I going to do this on the road? Can I learn from an iPad?? That's what people are telling me so I've been looking into it...

This is an app I found called Karajan - it's supposed to be one of the best apps to teach you to play piano!

Apparently there are some more options, but they aren't as good as this app. I played piano when I was a tyke but of course, I quit. I will NEVER let my kids quit anything.

Some of my inspiration... maybe I'll get a handy iPad for Christmas? Ahhh one can dream :)

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