Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lunch Time in Reno

They do it big here in Reno. I asked around and nobody just goes for sushi and gets one roll and a seaweed salad. They only eat at All You Can Eat sushi buffets. It's a place where you're encouraged to scarf down three, four.. and for the very hungry.. FIVE rolls! I didn't eat all of these rolls below, but I certainly was that annoying person taking pictures of everyone elses. Enjoy the deliciousness :)

This was my roll. It was a doozy. That's scallops on top.. mmm

This roll was like deep fried, twice. Sick. 

That's all I've got folks!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cork Dorks - Wine Tasting!

Cork Dorks - that's what they call their Tuesday night wine tasting group at The Reserve in the GSR. It's every Tuesday from 5:30 - 6:30. For only $20, you taste 4 different wines, eat a small dinner from Charlie Palmer and receive a $10 gift card for The Reserve. This past Tuesday, we tasted Pinot Noirs from around the globe. Chhhheck it out:

Wine #1 - Lai Lai from Chili. My expert wine review: Watery and weird. They saved the worst for first.

Wine #2 - Cashburn from New Zealand. My expert wine review: Awesome.
This is the pasta and duck confit salad.. can't get over how great it was!

Wine #3 - Becker Estate from Germany. My expert wine review: It was good, much better than I thought it would be... I didn't realize there were many vineyards in Germany but the wine pourer guy told me that Decanter Magazine named a German Pinot Noir the number wine. But it wasn't this wine, this one was swill compared to that wine, apparently.

Wine #4 - Four Graces from Oregon. My expert wine review: MY FAVORITE. Possibly because it was my last wine and I was semi-drunk but this really was my favorite. HELL YES AMERICA!

The Reserve is so cool. The wines are purchased by the ounce and I've already used my $10 gift card, and then some... So much for gambling in Reno, this is where all my money has gone.

Wine tasting = my new favorite sport.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Relax-o Weekend in Reno!

Relaxoweekend was a SUCCESS! I moved over to a new resort hotel and I never left the building. It was exactly what I was looking for. What all did I do? I'm glad you asked....

I kicked Friday night off with a nice Reno Ace's baseball game! I was there to market our property, but stayed with some of the staff and enjoyed the game and a FOOTLONG corndog! I absolutely love baseball and Friday was so fun!

Watching them warm up!

On Saturday, I woke up and hit up the fitness center at the Grand Sierra Resort. This broad was my workout buddy.

I had such a great workout and then made my way down to the POOL!

THEN, I continued relaxing by making an appointment at the spa! This was not a good idea because now I'm addicted. I had a 30 minute Swedish massage and a 30 minute facial. Amazing doesn't even describe it. Ahhhhmazeballs is more like it.

Then, I went to a nice little dinner where I got a little crazy with the wine. I paid for that on Sunday but it certainly was delicious!

Halibut - perfection!

Free dessert... I think it's because the bartender felt bad for me. 

Sunday was spent nursing my hangover and ended with sushi and a fortune cookie that spoke the truth. 

Can't wait for this weekend - it's the 4th of July people! And Gregg is coming to Nashville!!! I'm a happy broad :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Concert Series!

My beautiful sister made her to see me last week and I took her to the boardwalk area in Charlotte. It just so happened that they were basically having a festival at the boardwalk, complete with a Jimmy Buffett cover band! They do this every Thursday night in June and July - if you're in the area, check it ouuuut!

The cute little boardwalk area..

Press PLAAAY for some [covered] Jimmy Buffett!

We went to Sushi 101 for dinner - Biggest bowl of edamame everrrr

A Pineapple Martini on Martini Monday!

This was when I came here with a coworker... we were adventurous!

Sweet seeeesters :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Casa Burcham

I can't explain how amazing it's been to have a friend move to Charlotte while I was here for 5 weeks! I never have friends to enjoy happy hour with... I'm always that broad alone at the bar... BUT NOT IN CHARLOTTE, PEOPLE --- KATIE BURCHAM IS IN THA HOUUUSSSEE!!!

However, it should be said, when Katie and I got together we've never actually left the apartment to explore Charlotte. I am completely okay with this because in these random cities, where I know no one, I feel the need to explore and entertain myself. But with Burch here we get to catch up, talk about life, relax, enjoy very delicious (yet affordable) wine and eat yummy food whipped up by Chef Burch. I've enjoyed every second of it and I can't wait to come back and visit Burch and maybe we'll find our way to an actual restaurant or bar next time :)

In the mean time, here's a few shots of our time in together (please know that all I did was show up and occasionally bring wine and chocolate)...

Caprese Salad - YUM

I'm pretty sure that was goat cheese in there... can't remember but it was delish!

 The chef being so modest about her amazing cooking skills ;)

Not the best picture of us but I love it anyway! 

Veggie Pizza!! I have a feeling I'm going to be craving this... a lot


Perfect Summer Beer - Saranac - Lager & Lemonade

Katie introduced me and I am obsessed!

Nothing like a night cap at Casa Burcham :)

Kathryn and I have our last date tomorrow night and we're trying to make our way OUT... stay tuuuned!