Monday, June 27, 2011

Relax-o Weekend in Reno!

Relaxoweekend was a SUCCESS! I moved over to a new resort hotel and I never left the building. It was exactly what I was looking for. What all did I do? I'm glad you asked....

I kicked Friday night off with a nice Reno Ace's baseball game! I was there to market our property, but stayed with some of the staff and enjoyed the game and a FOOTLONG corndog! I absolutely love baseball and Friday was so fun!

Watching them warm up!

On Saturday, I woke up and hit up the fitness center at the Grand Sierra Resort. This broad was my workout buddy.

I had such a great workout and then made my way down to the POOL!

THEN, I continued relaxing by making an appointment at the spa! This was not a good idea because now I'm addicted. I had a 30 minute Swedish massage and a 30 minute facial. Amazing doesn't even describe it. Ahhhhmazeballs is more like it.

Then, I went to a nice little dinner where I got a little crazy with the wine. I paid for that on Sunday but it certainly was delicious!

Halibut - perfection!

Free dessert... I think it's because the bartender felt bad for me. 

Sunday was spent nursing my hangover and ended with sushi and a fortune cookie that spoke the truth. 

Can't wait for this weekend - it's the 4th of July people! And Gregg is coming to Nashville!!! I'm a happy broad :)

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