Sunday, March 18, 2012

An Irish Gender Reveal

Happy St. Patty's Day weekend, people! We had a very eventful holiday yesterday and I just couldn't wait to share! Not only did we celebrate St. Patty's Day but we also hosted a gender reveal party for our friends Matt & Allie Leigh! It was obviously a very low key gender reveal party but it was so much fun!

I had to decorate with beautiful green flowers!

For every gender reveal party, you have to have a cake with the color of the gender inside!

What is it? Boy or girl?!

I had some leftover batter so I made some cupcakes!

Took our first car bomb at 10am. Feelin' it today.

I made Shepard's Pie and Corned Beef and Cabbage...

Here's a close up of the Shepard's Pie.. I think I might make this more often!

The corned beef and cabbage was not my favorite but it was a big hit!

Even our drinks were festive!

Time for the big reveal....

It's a......

The happy couple!

An Irish themed onesie for their new baby girl!

Let the party begin!!!

Sweet tat bro.

We had such a good time for St. Patty's Day! What did you do to celebrate?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Day is Here! Jackson Hole!!!

I've been feeling sick but I'm happy to say that I'm feeling about 90% and I'm ready to go skiing in Jackson Hole! Hopefully, that extra 10% will be back before I hit the slopes.

It's probably going to be a lot snowier [if that's a word] than in this picture, so I'll just have to take tons of pics and report back! Check ya laaaater :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My New Fave: Spaghetti Squash

People, have you heard of Spaghetti Squash? I had literally never heard of this magical vegetable until recently and I am gaga over this thing!

There are so many ways you can make it too! My favorite way to make it is in the microwave. I know that sounds weird but it takes 10 minutes and voila! you have spaghetti squash!

This isn't the best picture of my spaghetti squash spaghetti (the sauce was kind of runny, as you can see) but I am obsessed! I also made Baked Spaghetti Squash and it was amazeballs!

 Are there any other magic vegetable that I need to know about?!