Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Arts & Crafts Weekend!

Arts and crafts weekend was FUN but it is tricky to get everything done in a weekend that I need to and have time for arts and craft fun. To add to the mayhem, when I walked to my car to run errands on Saturday,  my car window was down and wouldn't come up. Soooo I had to take my car to Carmax to be fixed. Thank goodness for my roomie, Ali T! With her help, I was still able to do some arts and crafts!

I got mason jars from Kroger for less than a $1 a jar!

The spray paint is from Sherwin Williams - these are the only colors I could work with. The first jar I painted ended up in the dumpster because it was busted - but these others worked out fine :)

I got the fake flowers (I'm never home so real flowers aren't going to cut it) at Michael's. DAMN fake flowers are expensive.

Here's the final look! KC stayed in my room for 2 weeks and left a picture frame with a picture from our San Francisco trip as a gifty :)

This weekend was busy but I got all kinds of stuff done! I also had time for some relaxing and socializing :)

Ali, Lisa and I went to see The Help on Saturday... AMAZING!!! I laughed, I cried, and I LOVE Viola Davis.

I also bought Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and OMG I am 150 pages in already!
I'm officially obsessed!

I also made my way to see Mrs. Amber Graves and I'm so happy we were finally able to see each other! I was supposed to make it up to see Dani and her NEW HOUSE but I didn't make it :( There's always next time... stay tuned!

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