Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Do you like to.. Do it yourself?

I don't find many people who have a job like mine. Most of my friends and family have "normal" jobs where they are at home 90% of the time and travel 10% of their time. I am the exact opposite... and it might even be 98% traveling. And my weekends home are the weekends I look forward to the most. Mainly because I look at pinterest and see all of these CREATIVE things I could be doing if I lived a normal life! Take advantage of your free time at home because I would gladly trade sometimes. Check out some of the creative things I swear to do when I'm home :)

I wasn't even sure what this was at first but look how precious.. a bottle cap tray! DIY here :)

Homemade coasters! DIY here

I just love hydrangeas... love this!

Shabby Chic Ladder! DIY here

Ahhh plants/herbs in these cute little tins. I die!

Love this guest room. Or regular room. Just love it!

I am going to be home this weekend and I'm going to AT LEAST get some mason jars and decorate my room a bit, I have been talking about this for months now. I also need to print some new pictures, find some new cute frames and clean out my closet. What are YOU dreaming of on this maaahhhvelous Hump Day? :)

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