Friday, August 19, 2011

Healthy Fast Food?

I have discovered the solution to America's obesity. YOU'RE WELCOME, AMERICA.
Welcome to Evo's. Healthy AND tasty fast food. Sound too good to be true? It. Is. Real.

 If you're wondering what's different about Evo's from every other fast food joint, well, I'll tell ya. First of all, they have a more natural approach to burgers... no frozen all beef patties, people! And no added hormones or antibiotics in their beef. Also, their fries are BAKED. That's right, baked! And they taste just as good as McDonald's. Bible.

Another cool thing about Evo's is their ketchup karma station. They have different flavored ketchup... IS YOUR MIND BLOWN? Mine was. They have Mesquite Magic (basically bbq flavored), Cayenne Firewall (spicy ketchup... Gregg would love this!), Garlic Gravity (garlic flavored!)... The Garlic one was my favorite!!! Try it before you judge :)

Cute little bags.

They have Evos in NC, GA & FL. When I see these restaurants more than McDonald's, I will be one happy broad.

Thanks Evos for helping me out when I was craving fries and a burger! And thanks for also putting all of your nutritional information online... you rock :)

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