Monday, August 29, 2011

Final Countdown for Vaca!

Okay, time to get real. Work has been insane for the past few weeks. It's the time of year where we turn the apartments and then the new residents move in. Needless to say, I am so ready for my upcoming vacation and 12 whole days with mah maaan!

I was supposed to leave Buffalo this Friday but I got a call from my absolutely fabulous boss saying I could leave early and have Thursday and Friday off. Is she amazing or WHAT?! Soooo vacation is starting early and I'll see Gregg on Wednesday night instead of Friday night! And then, we're leaving for the best. vacation. everrrr. Check out what we're doing....

Gregg lives in Destin and we're taking off to Tampa for a Rays game and some fun! I am hoping to drink big gulp beers and eat corndogs!

Then, we're off to Orlando for some amusement park FUN! Gregg got me reading Harry Potter and I am hooked. We have a fool proof plan to get me caught up to at least the first three books, so I'll understand what the hell is going on at....


Gregg got me tickets to Blue Man group in Orlando.. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! Can you tell?

After all the road trippin' fun, we're heading to the main event.

A five day cruise!
We're cruising Carnival and we're leaving from Miami and going to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Nassau [providing the Bahamas are still intact after what Irene did]

I found some pictures online but I can't wait to post my own pictures!

A slide?! I'm in!

The theater where we'll see amaaaazing [hopefully] shows

Bird's eye view

Here's a pool right when you get off the boat at Grand Turk. I can't see a swim up bar but I'm hoping they've got one ;)

Beautiful Grand Turk.. I'll see you soon!

Vaca starts in two days!!!! I should have started working out a while ago... oh well, two days to lose 10 pounds. I've got this.

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