Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Night with Carrie!

Carrie Nance is one of the best hosts ever. Everytime I visit Louisville, I discover something new about the city that I love. Also, Carrie goes above and beyond to make every weekend visit feel like a true vacation. Observe....

Cocktails with Carrie! I can't for the life of me remember what drink this is but it had lemoncello in it and it rocked.

                                                                   Carrie with a Bellini!

I don't look as cute chuggin' this cocktail..

Carrie took us to Mozz (a Mozzarella bar... which I think is pronounced Motz, but who knows). It was AMAZING!!!

Look who showed up?! Farmer and David joined us for dinner!!

Loved our little dinner date night

After our fruity, summer cocktails, we opted for this amazing Syrah - and it was half priced!!

Carrie is so creative! I could never do this, let alone even come up with the idea! It's an old frame with wire.. or something. Hell, I can't remember.

And this is super impressive. She took a piece of wood, painted it, and screwed in all of these ornate doorknobs to hang her gorgeous necklaces on. FREAKING AWESOME.

Carebear and her cute new man, Hotty Toddy!

Look at what I woke up to....

... fresh berries, granola, and cinnamon rolls!!!

Carrie, you are the absolute best. It is my goal to be as thoughtful and as cute as you. :)

Stay tuned, so much more went down in Louisville... can't wait to show you :)

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