Monday, August 30, 2010

Traveling Gypsy

Thursday. Thursday is the day my new adventure begins. I've got a mix of emotions... excited, nervous, scared, anxious... the list goes on. However, the trip starts with a relaxing 3rd annual girls trip. This yearly trip started at my family's lake house 3 years ago.

We've been to Lake Tuscaloosa, Charleston, South Carolina and on Thursday, we will show LAS VEGAS who's boss. I'm absolutely thrilled that we've followed through and have met up for 3 years in a row. I love traditions and I hope this is one we keep forever. AOT.

My Vegas trip ends at 11:45pm on Monday night and I'm flying to Austin, TX to start training for my new job on Tuesday at 6:00am. I might die. I'm going to the grocery tomorrow to get a few sugar free red bulls to make this entire thing possible. Wish me luck.

Training in Austin is over on Thursday and then I'll fly to the Falls of Wichita to see the boyfriend. I googled pictures of Wichita Falls and it wasn't good. I found one that's decent so feast your eyes upon this... these are the famous falls. Enjoy.

Where will I be after I fly home from the FoW? Who knows. I'll find out where my next adventure is when I'm in Austin for training.

Stay tuned, party people. You never know, I might be visiting a college campus near you. If I do, you might have to entertain me for a few weeks, let me stay with you, etc. Hope that's okay.

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