Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cities of Love!

If you're wondering where you and your loved one can escape to or perhaps somewhere to meet a sexy man, look no further than this list.

My friend Lynlea, who lives in Charleston, sent me this list in hopes of coaxing me into moving to Charleston. I lived in Charleston for a summer after college and I can attest to the overwhelming amount of men. Although, they wear the shortest shorts I've ever seen a man wear. And bowties. I don't get bowties. I don't think they're sexy or manly. I think if you're wearing a bowtie, you might as well have one of those rainbow hats with the propeller on top. So to me, bowtie = douchebag.

In Vegas, it's probably more lust than love. Although, my friend KC met her better half while sipping mimosas in the MGM Grand pool. I'll be in Vegas in less than 30 days so I'll have to report back and let you know which of our girls found l-o-v-e.

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