Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Final Countdown

Vegas is a mere 26 days away. I'm literally too excited to sleep. 8 girls going to Vegas for Labor Day... absolutely anything can happen. We're getting older so I need to prepare for a 4 day trip with my ladies. I went to Vegas about 2 years ago with Tori, Shannon and Christa and we had a blast. Although, it wasn't your typical Vegas trip that you've heard about or seen in movies. Nobody got married or woke up with a tiger in their room. Or had an Asian, with the smallest penis I've ever seen, jump out of the trunk of our car. It was quite literally the opposite of what you'd imagine a trip to Vegas would be like.

We all drank too much during the day to really see Vegas. We did a lot of touristy things and saw about 25 Michael Jackson impersonators on the street. However, when it came to making it out at night, we had a few setbacks. One night Christa got sick... then one night I got sick... one night Shannon got sick... and then one night, Tori got so fed up with us being weak that she literally left and we found her at "Slots A Fun". Tor will adhere to the strict buddy system this trip. That's a promise.

So here's my promise: this year, I will not be weaksauce. I will hydrate during the day and not drink so many mimosas that I can't make it to dinner. I will remember to eat during the day and not skip meals to save money. I will not drink in the bathtub with Shannon.... ehh I can't promise that. If the bathtub is big enough in our room at the BELLAGIO (we're fancy broads) then yeah, we'll definitely drink in the tub.

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