Thursday, October 27, 2011

Update - Where I've Been!

After traveling to plenty of states that I've been to before, I'm finally able to cross a few off my list! If you don't remember, I made a list of all the states I'd been to thus far. On August 5th, I had traveled to 25 states... as of today, it's 28!

I told Gregg I wanted to make a map like this and it's precious! 

Well, the first one doesn't count because I forgot that I'd been there! It's MICHIGAN! I have definitely been to Michigan. Flying to Detroit and driving around in Detroit definitely means that I've been to Michigan. Also, my next assignment is to Bowling Green, Ohio and I'll be flying back to Detroit soon!

Portland, OR is the next place I've been since my last post and I've been in Oregon for a whiiiiile. If you've looked at any of my posts, you've seen some of the amazing things I've done. I've eaten the amazing Portland food [including food from a TRUCK], I've seen amazing sites [Hello, Pittock and let's not forget the falls!], and I've been to quite a few places that have been highly recommended and are staples here in Portland! I really love it here and I'll be quite sad when I leave.

Gregg and I met in Seattle, WA this past weekend and we had a blast! Finally able to mark Washington off the list, I'm also happy to say that I absolutely loved Seattle! More pictures and details of our trip to come but here's a sneak peak :)

Can't wait to post about our trip! Stay tuned :)

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