Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sushi Go Round!

I bet you're thinking the sushi out here in Portland is AMAZING, right? Well, you're damn right about that. But it's not only amazing, the restaurants have a cool concept:

There is a big conveyor belt that goes around the entire restaurant... Sounds crazy, right? Might even sound a bit unsanitary but no worries, it's completely clean and so tasty! 

In this specific restaurant, each plate is $1.50. Suuuuper affordable!

At another place I went, they had different colored plates. Red = $1.25, Blue = $1.50, and so on. A little bit confusing for me at first but I got the hang of it eventually.

Each plate is covered - that made me feel better. I didn't want to risk getting a sneeze roll from some guy across the restaurant. 

If you're visiting Portland on a dime, you'll get the best of both worlds at any sushi restaurant downtown: Amazingly priced amaaaahhhzing sushi!

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