Monday, October 17, 2011


Today I'm doing a bit of daydreaming. I act like I'm exhausted with all the traveling but here I am, daydreaming about my next big trip!

For Gregg's birthday, I got him a trip. It's an open trip at this point [perfect for daydreaming]. We don't know where or when we're going. I'm aware that this might sound lazy but you try planning with our crazy schedules! Also, Gregg is impossible to shop for. We talked about going to DC but I know how much he misses being at his family's cabin in Tahoe and that sounds so amazing to me! Skiing all day, beers for lunch, hot cocoa, and getting all snuggled up. Perfection!

It's his birthday present so he can pick the destination but I'm hoping he picks Lake Tahoe. So, I guess I'm just hoping he actually reads this :)

 I was on pinterest and came across this shabby chic ski bunnies. I've decided that this is how I'll dress while skiing. Ohhhh but I won't forget my pants...

Since pumpkin things are all the rage, I found a pumpkin hot cocoa that looks amazing!

Mine will never, I repeat NEVER, look as cute as this. But I am definitely going to try it at some point! Get the recipe here

What are YOU daydreaming about?


  1. Never heard of a pumpkin hot cocoa before...I don't even think they make it here in SA! Thanks for the recipe link :)

  2. I'm daydreaming about Florida today (I'm planning on going there for the summer) and I'm too excited!
    Love this post <3

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. Hi sweety! Thanks for your comment! I'm following your blog as well, I really liked it:) xx

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