Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Treats!

When I used to have a semi normal life at my old job, I always loved baking treats for my work team! I've got to admit that it's something that I miss dearly. Here are some treats that I would love to make for my office, if only I had an oven in my hotel. Although, I fully plan on baking when I'm home next weekend :)

Look at these stinkin' cute skelly cupcakes. I don't see a recipe but I would imagine it would be easy to recreate. I found it from this site

Pumpkin is all the rage and I couldn't be happier! These cupcakes are not only amazing looking and festive.... they're not too bad for you! Check out the recipe from Skinny Taste!

SPIDER BROWNIES! Umm yum and suuuper easy! If you need help... click here :)

I brought in something similar to this at my last job and it was a hit! For more fun halloween treat ideas, check out Kraft's website!

What treats are you making this Halloween?

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