Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nice Little Saturday in Portland

My Saturday in Portland was so much fun! I have been thinking happy thoughts about the weather and I was pleasantly surprised with NO RAIN yesterday! Trust me, this is a big deal!

After working, I made my way to Jovana Salon to have my hair done. I brought a groupon for $65 for a cut, highlight, wash and style... a serious deal! And not only does my hair look GLAMAZING [Thanks Project Runway for that word] but the people are SO NICE. They told me if I come again, they'll give me that rate for my hair. I'm in!

Look at that color! Fab job, Kelly!

After my fabulous salon experience, I met Lauren and her man friend at Vault. I have been itching to go to Vault for weeks now. Last time we tried to go it was closed for a private event.

I found this picture online and that's clear because it was too damn cold to sit outside. Just wanted to give you an idea of how cute it is on the outside :)

I grabbed a corner and waited for Lauren and Greg and it's a good thing that they were late because the drink menu is literally a BOOK. It took me forever but I finally made a decision and it was perfect!
I ended up going with Greed... one of the seven deadly sins.

It was tart but sweet. AMAZING. I'm craving it now. Great.

Lauren got a glass of wine [BORING] but her man got a G3 which is basically a chocolatey treat. So good.

Some of the martini's that stuck out in my mind:

Habenero Martini - made with Habenero-Pineapple infused vodka
Cilantro Martini - Vodka, fresh cilantro, fresh squeezed lemon and lime
Botox - Bluebery vodka, soda and lemon [tagline for this martini is "life's a party with a face full of poison"]
Strawberry Basil - Strawberry Vodka, fresh basil and mint

Neighborhood: Northwest Portland – Pearl District
226 NW 12th Ave
Portland, OR 97209

After our cocktails, we went to Deschute's Brewery to have some grub and beers!

I had a winter ale and it was amazing!

Soup has been sounding so good lately so I got the french onion soup. Mmm good :)

I got a good nights sleep on Saturday night and was finally able to sleep in a bit. And then I woke up to another beautiful day in Portland! I repeat, this is a big deal :)

 Stay tuned for a recap of my crazy Friday night. I finally found the bars in Portland!


  1. You've passed a great Saturday, hun? :)
    Thanks for your sweet comment, really! :)
    Following you now!

  2. I now have a craving for some winter ale and french onion soup! It sounds like you had a perfect weekend!

  3. Thank you s much for commenting on my blog! Great post, the cocktails look amazing! Looks like a great saturday!

  4. those cocktails look so inviting! haha Love this!

    LoveFaye xoxo