Monday, October 31, 2011

See Ya in Seattle!

Gregg was visiting his family [California] and I was working in Portland so we thought... why don't we meet somewhere on the west coast that we've both never been to! A grand idea :)

Seattle was coffee heaven for both of us. Starbucks literally on every corner and the ORIGINAL Starbucks right by our hotel!

Now there's some extra meaning behind my typical "Grande Pike with room for cream" order. I ordered that while standing in the Starbucks on Pike Street. Did that just blow your mind?!

There was a nice young man playing guitar outside. When Gregg and I walked by another time, the line was out the door.

Outside of Pike Place Market

Such a hipster shot

Biggest donuts I've EVER seen

Where they throw the fish... but NO FISH WERE THROWN :(

Ole Gregg, enjoying the market whilst enjoying an orig 'bucks

An AMAZING view from the top of the Bank of America building. It's a way better view than the space needle, it's inside [this is key, it's too cold to be outside], and it's waaaay cheaper. $5 versus $16 at the space needle!

Actually, I overheard our Starbucks barista say you could just go to the ladies bathroom on the 74th floor for the best view for free!

Greggy's dreams came true when we went to the Museum of Flight!

I can name all of these planes. Legit.

Very serious about planes. Also flight.

Told you he was serious.

The Concorde [for those of you like me who don't remember] was a supersonic passenger airplane. They could get from JFK to London in about 4 hours. Bring it back, Concorde!

Air Force Onnnne

The president's chair in Air Force One.

Our view on our walk to dinner

In the market after dark!

Yummy apps at a place called Matt's in the Market. It was in the market. It was also faaaancy.

The GUM WALL!!!! Apparently, there's like a $150,000 fine if someone tries to "ruin" or remove the gum.

Smells like candy if you get close enough.

Sick! Literally.

This is the view from our elite breakfast room. Oooh, elite :)

After dinner and drinks, Gregg and I came back and got in the hot tub and went for a chilly dip in this bad boy.

See ya, Seattle. You rock.


  1. Great pics!!

  2. Seattle looks so nice! Great pictures! xx

  3. love this!! your posts are always so creative...and always include yummy food that makes me so hungry haha!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. OMG! LOVE! Makes me want to finally fo visit my Aunt who lives there. I love the pictures. Soo artsy!