Sunday, October 16, 2011

It Is Your Birthday.

Big shout out to mah maaain man, GL. He's officially my age and has to officially stop calling me a cougar. Seriously, quit.

Here's my shout out blog for your birthday. Yay, this is your present! Hope you enjoy because this is all you get. It's basically just some of my favorite pictures of us :)

Aww, he's so sweet.

Christmas Couple pose

Fun with the Lamb Fam!

So handsome!

Quite possibly the best photo booth picture ever. Check out bottom right, he's scared of the KD sign. And I believe top left is supposed to be Steve Carrell from 40 Year Old Virgin.

Sweet bro.

Our trip to Austin!

Leo Birthday Extravaganzaaa

Lake Tahoe!

Napa. Obviously.

Heyyy we won! [no we didn't]

Half Monkey!!!

4th of July with the Josselets

Love snorkling with you!

After looking through all of these pictures, I realize that we've done a bunch of stuff. Maybe we should cool it and save some money? Naaah that's no fun.

Okay but really, I love you, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I really wish I could be with you today!

In closing, I leave you with this video.


  1. I loved this, such a gorgeous couple! and the Lonely Island is...amazing!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. Oh this is a cute post!!
    thanks for commenting in my blog, I hope you follow back if you liked it,I followed you