Thursday, October 13, 2011

Plans for Portland!

I'm back in Portland, Oregon this week... I really love this city and this weekend, I'm ready to explore!

I bought a Groupon to have my hair done here this weekend. I don't typically get my hair done by straaaangers (love Jessi and Lauren!) but my hair is in dire need.

Also, this deal was too great to pass up! I'm getting a full highlight, cut, shampoo and deep conditioner and styled all for only $65! Thanks Groupon!! I'll let you know how it goes :)

While I'm at it, I just might pamper myself further...

:) I just love a good spa day

Lauren and I have been planning a big weekend to really explore a popular section called the Pearl District. She's going to have her man friend in town and I totally plan on third wheeling it to a couple of these places:

Blue Hour - French, swanky and a fabulous happy hour. I'm there!
Vino Paradiso - A wine bar and restaurant. We all know my love for wine.
50 plates - Another swanky/amazing happy hour joint. 
Vault - A martini bar with the longest list of amazing drinks. Can't wait to try this out!

Mmm S'mores Martini. Stay tuned for the recap!

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