Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vida Cantina

As promised in my last post, I went out solo on Saturday night in crowded downtown Charlotte. While sitting between two fairly new couples at the bar would have normally sent me into a downward spiral, I was fearless last night. I sparked conversations, made a few people laugh, and got more than buzzed from one skinny girl margarita [I'm a light weight these days].

Anyway, back to the good stuff...

Vida is located in downtown Charlotte and is apart of the EpiCentre. They have a Howl at the Moon, Strike City [super fun bowling alley], Asian restaurants, Mexican, American, Italian, Steakhouses, etcetera!

I switched my normal glass of vino for a Skinny Marg. It was delicious but too stout. I think I'll stick with my wine from now on, but I'm glad I branched out. Even though one glass got me so buzzed that I slammed my own foot in the car door. Soooo yeah, sticking to my faithful wine.

Staying true to my new found vegetarianism, I ordered mushroom quesadillas and was surprised when they came out looking like enchiladas. It might have been the marg but I SWEAR it said quesadilla. Either way, it was fab and life as a vegetarian isn't looking so bad!!

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