Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jilly's Bach Party!

It's been over a week since Jilly's bachelorette party but I have to post some pictures.. if only to show you the amazing food we had over the weekend. Whether it was at a nice restaurant or whipped up Mrs. Amber Diz Graves, it was fantastic. Here's some of the fun from Princess Middleton's Chaaaalston getaway!!
Steger's fantastic suggestion, Coast

 Bacon wrapped scallops!!! I'm going to attempt to make these this weekend.... stay tuned for that disaster.
 Fried green 'maters. Amber and Brit split these and I stole a bite.. or three.
Yummy Tilefish - my first time with the fish and it was amazing! Served with grits and topped with tomatoes and a mushroom sauce. 

 Mrs. Diz making our delicious meal for our cook out.

 Some of Jill's lingerie gifts!
 Fresh Flowers! I'm only assuming this is also courtesy of Diz ;)

Cake, strawberries, champagne and red wine... mmm :)
 I want to go back!
 Princess Middleton...
...And Princess Poundsy
Dani and me with the beautiful bride! So happy for you Jill!

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