Saturday, May 21, 2011

Seesterly Bonding

Last night, after a long day at work, I made the trip to Gastonia to see my baby sister [whom I haven't seen in what feels like forever].

She took us to one of the many chain restaurants in Gastonia. We went to Applebee's. Now, I love to try new restaurants... perhaps a restaurant that has a cool story or interesting concept. So, I wasn't super pumped to end up at Applebee's --- HOWEVER, I found out that this Applebee's was famous! Yep, this was the EXACT Applebee's in the film "Talladega Nights"! I'm pretty sure I was sitting in Will Ferrell's seat..

After a delicious, meat-free dinner at Applebee's, Sally and I made a 20 minute drive to catch a late night showing of Something Borrowed! 

She's a sport because I really wanted to see it and I could barely describe what it was about because I didn't want to give anything away! It worked out great though because she really liked the movie and so did I! I'm pretty sure she got sick of me whispering, "Ooh, I know what happens next" or "That WASN'T in the book!" or "I love John Krasinski!" Either way, we were the only ones in the theater so we has some good old fashioned sisterly bonding time :)

Mmm :)

As for my new lifestyle as a vegetarian, I'm 4 days in and doing good! I had tomato soup and green beans for lunch and I plan to go to Vida Cantina tonight for dinner! There's plenty of fish options and even completely meat free options! Stay tuuuned :)

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