Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Okay so I've never done the whole "WILW" thing before but I'm just loving so much today, I thought I'd share!

Here we go...

Ms. Middleton (Jill not Kate) introduced me to this color by Essie and I am OBSESSED! This is the color all of us bridesmaids will wear for her wedding and I am fully prepared. It's called Fiji - get it.

 I read Something Borrowed and then Something Blue within a span of about two weeks. If you're judging the books by their cover, shame on you.. and why would you do that, that's like the oldest rule ever. My point is, these books look like cute little beach reads but they are both also hilarious, witty, touching, smart, and the list goes on. Read them. It'll take you like 5 days tops and you seriously won't want to put it down. Now I'm just trying to decide what I should read next...


 ... After!

That is my quilt in this picture so I plan to completely decorate my room this way! I absolute love this and new gray bedside table. LOVE!!!

Random but I just love this :)

My new cute Thank You cards from Target!

This is just.. awesome. But now I can't get that song out of my head... worth it!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Hump Day! 

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