Thursday, January 12, 2012

Third Times a Charm!

This past weekend, I woke up on Sunday and decided, "Hey, I'm an hour from New Orleans, why not drive down there". Boy, was that a great decision. My coworkers had never experienced Nola's glory and I had been twice before [best trips ever, btw]. So, I drove us and let them experience everything while I stayed sober [I deserve some type of award, right?]

We got there at about 11:45am and walked around, to get every one's feet wet. My two coworkers had their chins on the floor for most of the day :)

I was hoping to find a great painting for my new place but no such luck :-/

New Orleans: before the LSWho and Bama fans woke up from a crazy Saturday night

St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square

Ohh heyyy Andrew Jackson.

This is a shot of one of my favorite places in New Orleans - Razzoo! Amazing drink specials and people watching. Do it!

I told my coworkers that they had to get hand grenades. They went with the small ones... amateurs.

This broad was so creepy! She kept winking at me!

I made sure my coworkers got a picture with the Huge Ass Beers sign. When you do this, make sure you pay da man.

Lots of LSU fans. Boooo! ;)

And look who I ran into.. some of my family!

Uncle Steve!!! We actually had plans to meet up and we had lunch at Acme Oysters... YUM

Some of the most amazing oysters I've ever had! Chargrilled with parmesan on top.

This is called Poo Pah. It's gumbo in a bread bowl and it's awesome.

The Roll Tide Gnome! He had a wild time in Nola.

P.S. My best trips [yes, plural] to Nola included this man....
Hahahah he's going to love seeing this picture that he probably never knew existed :)

Have you ever been to New Orleans? If not, what are you waiting for?!

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  1. I absolutely and positively want to take a trip to New Orleans soon. Maybe once you get settled with Greg and you need a girls weekend away... WE all can go :) Also, your co-workers are sexy.