Friday, January 13, 2012

Cajun Creole Cuisine

Let me tell you one thing Hattiesburg has not been good for... my waistline. I have eaten some amazing food here! If you ever end up in this strange city, you have to venture downtown. Even though the entire town was eerily deserted, we still had some fantastic food.

Brownstone's is a creole cajun restaurant [as many restaurants are in this area] but Brownstone's was absolutely incredible. We started with something that sounds scary but was so delish...

Fried Alligator! Suck it gator!!!

Not the best picture but omgaaah this might be in my top 5 of best meals ever. Filet with asparagus and loaded mashed potatoes. I die.

My coworker Kyle ordered Buttermilk Pie and it looked amazing [he doesn't let people eat his food so I can't say from personal experience. ALSO, he eats everything seperately, so he ate the pie first and then the ice cream... FREAK!]

Creme Brule anyone?? :)

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