Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year, people! I am starting the new year off by going back to Hattiesburg, MS. I'm actually looking forward to it because the people are nice, the temp is warm and there's actually some good shopping and restaurants!

Gregg comes home in THREE WEEKS and we are moving in to the cutest little townhouse in Florida. [How cute is it?!] Good question: it's so cute that is has a freakin' palm tree out in front. Precious!

Gregg and I have decided to reward ourselves when he gets back so we're going on a ski trip! We went to his lake house in Tahoe last year and this year we're going to....
I have always wanted to go to Jackson Hole so I am beyond excited! Look at some of these gorgeous pictures I found:

It probably won't look this vibrant in March but oh well.. those mountains are beautiful.

Here's Teton Village at night. There's all kinds of restaurants, shops, bars, etc.

I've got to study this closely to find the double blacks/moguls and skip them.

Wooo Gondola rides!!!

I am going to hopefully take a hipstamatic picture better than this. It'll be difficult but I'm gonna try :)

What trips are you taking in 2012?


  1. Your blog is looking great.Love the font in the blog section now AND your signature. Look at you, miss you!