Monday, January 9, 2012

Best BBQ in Hattiesburg... possibly the world

During my first trip to Hattiesburg, I was introduced to some of the most amazing barbeque I've ever had. And I've had some pretty good BBQ in my day, okay? I'm from Lexington, NC... BBQ capital of the world.. ya ever heard of it?? It's amazing. But I have to be a traitor and say that Leatha's Bar-b-que Inn might be the best in the land.

This is the sign when you pull in.

Might not look as good as it was but ohhmaahhgaaah.. so amazing. And that sauce was incredible.

Potato Salad. Amazing.

Pecan pie that I didn't order but was given... and then charged for?

This is on the front of the menu - sweet Leatha!

Featured in the Best of Mississippi... these were framed all over the place. I think it's safe to say they win something every year.

I only took a few pictures of the articles that I saw but I had to snap a pic of the article in Southern Living.. how cool!

Welp, who's hungry now? Don't go here unless you're PREPARED to be in a food induced coma for the rest of the day :)

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