Thursday, March 24, 2011


My hotel isn't exactly located in the hippest of locations. To paint you a picture, I'm surrounding by a field, a gas station and a rehabiliation center... so it's not like I'm surrounded by all the cool restaurants Athens has to offer. However, I have ventured out to some awesome places downtown and one of my favorites was Last Resort Grill. It's literally a shmorgishborg (yep, had to google that word to see how it was spelled) of all different kinds of food. Please look at the menu and then plan your trip to Athens. Mainly to see me, but then we can go to LRG. :)
We started with Fried Green Tomatoes and it was my first FGT experience. I am hooked. Next task, see the movie.
The Chicken Carbonara was suggested to me and it didn't disappoint. I took leftovers home with me... definitely ate them about 30 minutes after walking in the door.
You can't really see this picture very well but Meredith got the U-10 scallops. I didn't sneak a bite but I think Meredith enjoyed her meal. Although, we filled up on FGT, salads and a bottle of wine before our meals got there so we both barely finished our meals (until I got back to the hotel, of course).

Welp, here's yet ANOTHER great place to eat in Athens. I've gotta say... I'm impressed, Athens. I was recently asked 'of all the cities you've traveled to, which has the best food?' and I couldn't really answer. However, I'm going to be paying attention and blogging about every great place I eat and let you know which city has the best food.

Stay tuned! :)

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