Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ru San's - Athens

When I found out there was a Ru San's here in Athens, I thought, surely it's not the same as one of my favorite restaurants in Nashville!

My thought was wrong - they have a couple of Ru San's in Atlanta and a few sprinkled throughout Georgia and then one in Nashville. Although, I have to say, even though it was "technically" the same restaurant, it wasn't nearly as good as the Ru San's in Nashville. I thought about the possibility that maybe it's because I miss Nashville so much.... and don't get me wrong, I miss Nashville more than anyone could know. But that did not factor into how disappointing my meal was. Even though it wasn't up to Nashville standards, I do have some pretty cool looking pictures. This is a lesson, even though the pictures of the food are pretty doesn't mean it won't taste like garbage.

Miso Soup
California Roll
Wasabi Tuna

See? Looks like it would taste amazing. Yeaaah, I wasn't a big fan. It's definitely mediocre sushi for a cheap price - they have some rolls that are only a dollar! If I were in college, I'd probably eat there no matter how it tasted.

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