Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Party People!

Well, it's 7pm and I'm blogging about my St. Patty's Day experience so it's safe to say I'm not in college and I don't have any friends near me. Although, I will say my St. Patty's experience this year has been great. I mean, it's not green pitchers on Froggy's front porch or green beers with my family while skiing in Utah, but it has been fun!

I started the day by buying mini cupcakes and fun headbands for the staff at River Club! I think it's safe to say they enjoyed it :)

 From left to right: Lindsey, Leah, Leigh, Ashley and Saad -- too bad you can't see my crown that says Irish Princess ;)
Yummy treats from Publix! They have the BEST baked goods!

This afternoon we went downtown to distribute flyers that advertised our Zero Down special we're having. On our way, we got distracted....

 This little guy loved Ashley...
 ... I don't know how much he loved me though. 
Leah wanted to take him home :)

One of the places we take our flyers to is a cute little boutique. So, we dropped off our flyers and then did a little harmless browsing..... and buying :-/

 Welcome to Entourage!

It's such a cute boutique - thank goodness this was the only damage. 
 This was Broad St. and it was packed with bars, restaurants and boutiques!
This is the famous Arch in Athens. You can't really see it that well but trust me, it's there. 

On our way to drop off flyers, we saw some of the cutest little shops. I will definitely be visiting these stores when I'm back next week:

 I've been to Private Gallery in Destin, Birmingham and now Athens!
We didn't actually walk in Encore (and they don't have a website) but I will be back!
Cute dresses from Encore
Heery's was very cute, but too expensive. There was a tank top for $300... umm, that's half my rent. 
And finally, one of my favorites from Louisville - Pitaya!

Okay, okay.. I know there's a LOT of pictures of boutiques but I promise, we were working. And when all that hard work was over (promptly at 5pm of course) we found a place to sit outside and have a GREEN beer. 
Mmm, light $2 beer with green food coloring. Sitting outside on a patio with beer is always a good choice - thanks Mellow Mushroom!
Don't be confused, this isn't dessert... it's bruschetta with a balsamic glaze. The two broads with me didn't like these so I ate most of them - yummmm-o!

Welp, that pretty much sums up my St. Patty's Day. Like I said, it wasn't a crazy college style St. Patty's Day, but it was pretty fun for being a grown up :)

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