Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bring it Summer!

I spent the past weekend in Florida and it's official, I've got the itch. The summer itch, you pervs.

It was kind of chilly in Florida, but after spending 4 weeks in FREEZING Maine, believe me, I'm not complaining. Either way, it got me daydreaming about spring and summer and I absolutely can't wait!

I know I can't pull these vintage bathing suits off but I just love them. 
I just got this hat and I'm obsessed. Okay, Gregg got it for me and it's staying safe at his house. 
Summer reading. I'm reading a good book now but summer reading is saved for harlequin romance novels. Ahhh nothing like reading a book with Fabio on the cover. 
I just love the colors here - it screams summer!
YUMM-O! Summer drinks, yes please!
Ahh, summer can't come soon enough! What are you daydreaming about?

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