Friday, April 8, 2011

A Visitor in Athens!

You never really appreciate girls nights and happy hours with your friends until you're far from home. Shannon understands that because she moved to Atlanta to live with her boyfriend last year and her girlfriends are at least 4 hours away, if not further. Let me preface this by saying we're not those girls... you know the type... obsessed with their boyfriends and don't care to have girlfriends. No big deal if you're like that but it's just not how either of us roll. And since I'm only an hour away from Shannon, for the time being, she jumped at the chance to come visit me for a night during her spring break! I can't express how much fun we had. And now, Shan is a fan of Athens ;)

When she first arrived, I drove her around UGA's campus and we got to reminiscing about college and how much we miss it. We thought about getting out of the car and warning all little college students about grown up world but we refrained. Here's a shot of me and Shan on the the infamous day that the DREAM TEAM was created.... GFU DREAM TEAM '07. Damn, I miss college.

I took Shan to all the cute little shops in downtown Athens and we were both looking for dresses for wedding related activities. Shockingly, Shannon left the shopping situation empty handed and I was the one that spent a fortune. Gregg, if you're reading this, I needed it and just got my tax refund so back off. :)

Once we were exhausted from shopping, we made our way to a restuarant that I hadn't tried before. Shannon can't have gluten so I looked up restuarants that would hopefully make adjustments for her. We went to East West Bistro on Broad St. and they easily turned Shan's entree into a gluten free meal for her.

Shan got the Salmon Gratin and they tailored it so it would be completely gluten free!
 I got the Tuna Kaiser and it was soooo good!
After our delicious dinner, a bottle of wine, and lots of people watching on a patio, Shan and I came back to my hotel for a slumber party!! We played Sex and the City trivia and gossiped for hours... throw in toenail painting and pillow fighting and you've got a true girls night.
Shannon and I talked a lot about friendships and relationships and what is important to us now, compared to what was important to us when we were in college. We talked about the people that we know will always be in our lives and about some who have slowly faded away.

'After all, things change, so do cities, people come into your life and they go. But it's comforting to know that the ones you love will always be in your heart... and if you're very lucky, a plane ride away' - SATC

Love you Shanny and thank you so much for visiting me!

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