Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dining Out For Life!

Dining Out For Life is an international dining fundraiser event that aims to raise money and awareness for AIDS service organizations. Restaurants in certain cities have teamed up with DOFL and have decided which percentage of proceeds they would like to donate... then people choose which restaurant they'd like to go to and BOOM, they've contributed to a great cause!

I wish every meal or happy hour I went to raised money for a good cause. The amount I spend on eating and drinking could save a third world country.

Restaurant: Miel
Cuisine: French
Wine: Umm, we brought our own. Picked some up from La Frugal de MacDoogal.
Guests: Ali, Lisa, Ethan and Leigh

 The Menu that was created just for this event!
 Ethan and Ali!
 Me and Lisa :)
 Duck Confit Salad - my first time with duck! SO GOOD!
 I have two pictures of this but I wish I had more.. I wish you could taste it through my blog...  
 ...Maine Diver Scallops, pan-seared with Miel Bacon and Apple Gastrique. YUM :)
 Everyone was wearing the Dining Out For Life stickers!
 Ali and I got the Risotto...
 ... and Lisa got the Wild Alaskan Cod.. both meals were so great! Forgot to get a picture of Ethan's steak but you get it, it was steak. 
Dessert platter :) I was stuffed by this point... it didn't stop me from eating all of it though.
We weren't given the tiny spoons but our neighbors were! Apparently, the spoons have honey and bee pollen on them? Interesting....

This is my second year of participating in Dining Out For Life and I highly recommend it. A great way to make a contribution to a great charity and side note: you'll get an amazing dinner and great drinks out of it!

Nashville's was last night but there are still cities that are participating on different nights for the rest of the week! Check out the site and see if there's a city near you that's contributing - Dining Out For Life!

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