Monday, June 4, 2012

Let's Have a Fiesta!

There are two things I crave: mexican food and girls nights! [And yes, I've basically blogged about this already] I love my man but I love a good night of wine/margs, eating good homemade food and catching up with my girlfriends! Lately, most of my girls nights have been via phone or FaceTime but I am absolutely craving some QT with my girls.

I have friends coming in late Thursday night (no excuses about being tired, we're staying up for wine!) and then we're road tripping to Gulf Shores for Shannon's wedding! I absolutely can't wait to see everyone and I'm sure I'll be depressed to leave. Love my girls!

Okay, got off the subject so back to Mexican food and booze. I made a fun little fiesta invite for a casual ladies night... who wants margs?! I need tequila & gossip asap.

Sooo who's in? :)

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