Monday, April 23, 2012

Girls Night Fiesta!

Hellloooo! I'm not going to go on and on about how I've been such a bad blogger later. I'm just going to jump back in and tell you about my most recent get together at my house :)

Quick recap: I moved to Florida about 2 months ago to live with my boyfriend and I have no friends. I've slowly met some of the wives of Gregg's coworkers/friends/bros and I had some of them over for a fiesta last Thursday!

I went all out for this fiesta... I have to have girls nights often or I'll eventually go crazy. So, I thought this was a pretty good investment :)

We started with margs...

I admit, this is not a picture of my margarita. I was going to make a very fresh margarita but then I found a light margarita mix so I got that, Pellegrino, tequila and limes. I wish I would have taken a picture of my margs because I have stinkin' cute margarita glasses!

My friend is a vegetarian so I found a recipe for Vegetarian Mexican Lasagna [on pinterest of course]

Mine didn't look quite this good but it was seriously amazing. Gregg and I devoured the leftovers in a couple of days and I swear it was even better a couple of days later. Get the recipe here!

It can be kind of hectic and nerve wracking to try to make new friends in a new place. I have to remember that it takes time. To make relationships like I have with my current amazing friends, I have to be patient and eventually I'll begin to make those bonds. Until then, I'll just keep inviting them over for delicious food and booze until they love me ;)

Stay tuned! XOXO

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