Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wedding Pinterest Finds!

Hello, people! I've got more than 11 months until our nuptials but let's get real, I've been looking at wedding stuff for a while :) what girl doesn't?! 

If you follow me on pinterest, you've seen all of this but this is a summation of what I would really like my wedding to look like. Enjoy!

I am obsessed with this whole look. Love the blush dresses and love the bouquets. Although, I want a little more color in the bridal bouquet. 

So light and romantic! Love this :)

Love the hair, love the flower, love love love it all!

I actually think I like these more than the centerpieces above because the colors are a little more subtle. I don't think Gregg wants tons of pink. I don't see why?? :)

Look this cake that Amber pinned for me. Isn't it to die for?!

Love the brides dress! And of course the bridesmaid's look. 

These are a few ideas to get some great pictures together before the wedding without breaking tradition. I would love to write each other and read the letters on each side of the door. 

Okay, I think this is such a cute idea. And you know what? What people love most about the photo booth is the fun outfits/hats/sunglasses so why not just set up a section and have people take their own pictures and then text them to the same place? A way to save money and still have the fun photobooth feel!

Ahh welp, that's enough wedding chatter for one day. Take care!

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  1. OMG, Congrats on the upcoming nuptials!!! that must be super exciting. these are great ideas that you found. i love the bridemaid's dresses.

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