Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wegman's - Not Your Typical Grocery

I finally went to Wegman's this week, after the staff here in Buffalo suggested it almost every day. My response [before finally giving in] was somewhere along the lines of "Okay people, thank you, but I'm looking for like a restaurant, not a grocery store". I need to take people's suggestions more often because I've been to Wegman's twice now and I think I'm going to go there again today!

Wegman's is seriously so cute. They have a little area to sit inside and when the weather is nice, they have seating outside as well! The Cafe side of the grocery store has absolutely everything you could imagine. Sushi, Subs, Vegetarian, Indian, Asian, Soup, Salad, Thanksgiving style meals, AND THE LIST GOES ON! I snapped a few pictures, to give you a better idea.

And the greatest thing of all.... they have ALL nutritional information listed. EVERYTHING! It's perfect for me because when I'm on the road, I'm always wondering how many calories I'm putting in my body. This has made is so easy to enjoy lunch and not worry that I just ate a 1,000 calorie bowl of soup!

And the Sushi wasn't bad either ;)

Just like healthy fast food, we need more Wegman's all over the country!

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