Thursday, September 15, 2011

What. A. Week.

If you've talked to me or looked at my facebook statuses in the past 72 hours, you know that I've had a whirlwind of a week.

Abridged version: Left my laptop bag [inside was my work computer, macbook, gps, etc] on Portland's Public Transportation, went into a frenzy, and then retrieved my bag within 48 hours using my amazing detective skills. Big thanks to the Portland Police Department, by the way :) I was offered a job for my dexterity!

Until my personal property was successfully tracked down and back in my arms [yes, I kissed my macbook and slept with it in my arms last night] I wasn't able to fully appreciate Portland. Every where I went, I would stare at strangers wondering, Do you have my laptops? Did you sell them? GIVE THEM BACK!

But now, it's official, I can share my LOVE for Portland. I feel like such a big time city girl. I wake up, grab a latte and walk to work... I absolute love the vibe here. Last night, I decided to celebrate at a cute little restaurant called The Original.

It's a cute and cozy breakfast joint by day...

with some interesting breakfast items...

And then at night, it's swanky with a comfy diner feel!

And look at this adorable postcard wall!

I order from the special menu last night and wow. It was amazing.
Take a looksy...

And that adult bev you see in the background is one of their specials they have daily. A different punch each day and I think that one was blackberry rum punch. YUM.

I went perusing on their website and found all of these amazing pictures of food. I'm salivating.  

Might have to make my way back there tonight :)

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