Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fabulous Food!

Okay, you want to know where to find amazing food in Portland for an AMAZING price? Answer:

Yep, The Oregon Culinary Institute. It might so strange but it was wonderful and an amazing atmosphere! Granted, the servers are nervous and will potentially spill your wine all over you, but it's worth it! I was so proud of the students and they were so friendly. Also, a four course meal for $18? You can't beat that.

Braised Beef... it fell apart just from looking at it. So delicious.

Pork Chop.. YUM

Wild Mushroom Pasta

Yeah, I ate it all.

Creme Brule

Amazing Wine from a vineyard in Oregon - Willamette Valley (pronounce Will-AM-ette - kind of like dammit) Trust me, people will correct you if you don't say it right. 

I definitely recommend this as a romantic date, girls night or even for a corporate dinner. It's amazing annnnd affordable.. win-win!

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  1. the pork chop looks delicious. Lovin' the food pics Leigh!!